Goodbye 90210

OMG :c this actually made me cry…..

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May 23rd: Clearly Chateau

nobody will ever understand how much I love her

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How do you make all your gifs?

Hey :)

I make Screenshots of the scene I want to have with a program called “GrabberRaster”. (It’s a rather annoying process, but you’ll get used to it)

After I’ve screencaped the scene that I want to have, I open up Photoshop. Go to File > Scripts > Open Files Into Stack. (select the pictures you want to make a gif of). That way, you’ll have all of your screenshots in one picture already. 

The next step is to enable the animation window. Window > Animation. 

On the animation window, you click the “arrow with the 4 stripes” image

 > Make Frames From Layers. You’ll maybe notice that the screenshots are in the wrong order now, but that’s fine, because there’s this option called “Reverse Frames” (again under  image.) (Now your screenshots are in the right order)

Now it’s up to you how big you want your gif to be. I mostly resize it to a width of 245px (for photosets) and make every frame “1,3 sec” 

When you think you’re done with your gif, go to File > Save For Web & Devices (maybe change the options, e. g. Colors or Dither a bit, because the gif is only allowed to have a size of 10MB/10,000K. You can find your actual size in the bottom left corner) > SAVEAnd congrats you’ve made your first gif :-)!

I hope I could help you a bit! If not, feel free to leave another question in my ask box :3

I just have to leave this here





Annie gets shot!? Does she die?

Annie got shot a while ago. She didn’t die. She came into hospital and got a surgery. What episode are you at? ;o 

You never cared for Dixon so I don't care about your sobbing.

I never cared for Dixon? Oh really? Oh and Oh.. I forgot.

You said if Teddy really was gay before but he didn't want to admit it he would have been disgusted by kissing girl and having sex with them? What? I'm gay, and I wouldn't be DISGUSTED. Yeah maybe it would be awkward and uncomfortable or maybe I wouldn't be that turned on, but you know, my body responds to it because I'm a FUNCTIONING male.


I’m sorry for “having an opinion” or thinking of something in a way I did.

It’s just that I heard of many lesbian girls who say that they’d be disgusted by having sex with guys. I thought it would be the same with gay men. I’m sorry !

The writers should’ve make him be bi.. that’d keep us from situations/discussions like these. ;-)

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I heard that there isn't going to be season 6, is that true

Unfortunately it is true…The show got cancelled and there are only going to come 5 more episodes and then it’s over. Here’s the preview of the next episode which airs on April, 15th. 

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Raj: But break up isn’t as bad as watching me die.
Ivy: You know what? Nothing is as bad as not being here. Ok? Nothing. Dammit, Raj. What do you think was going to happen? Did you think I was going to get over you and be happy one day and when I actually started living my life that would be the perfect time to find out that you had lied to me? And that you died here? Alone. I mean, how can you be so selfish?
Raj: Ivy, stop.
Ivy: No, no, no. I don’t care if you don’t need me here. I don’t care. This is where I wanna be. Ok? What if this is where I wanna be? 
Raj: I’m sorry… 

yup bringing this back

yes..awesome! they were perfect. thanks for “bringing them back” <3

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there's some BTS photos of Liam proposing to Annie at an airport (like he was holding a ring and everything) so it's a huge possibility Lannie end up together.


Thank you for letting me know! 

I feel stupid for not knowing about those things myself, though. 

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